12th March, 2014

OT Rodger Saffold fails physical with Raiders, contract nullified


The tackle will return to St. Louis on a 5-year deal after Oakland voids his contract. The Raiders had concerns with his shoulder while the Rams had no concerns at all, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

(via The NFL: From My Eyes)

9th February, 2014

Interesting tidbit as far as the stadium moving goes…

Last year by this time we had already got the invoice for the season fix and paid it… this year we haven’t even gotten it yet. weird…. 

19th January, 2014

happinessinsadness asks:

Hey I love your blog! Do you have any other blogs I can follow?!

yeah, ramsfan28.tumblr.com is a really good one and A’s personal alaasnflanalysis.tumblr.com covers all football. 

19th January, 2014

ajohyeah2222 asks:

How do you feel that both nfc west rivals are in the nfc championship?

I’m not a Rams-first fan (this account is owned by two people), in terms of St. Louis, this just comes to show how competitive the NFC West is and what we have to go up against the coming years. Each of those teams were nothing 3-5 years ago. Look at them now. It’s possible for St. Louis.

As a football fan, you can’t ask for anything better. It doesn’t get more physical than 49ers and Seahawks. It’s going to be a fun game to watch.

19th January, 2014

Im bored so communicate with me. can be football related, or not.


17th January, 2014

So i redid the theme. check it out. opinions would be lovely!

9th January, 2014

Hell Yeah got 230 followers!

considering it was my first semester in college, and A is taking like five zillion AP classes, we haven’t been very diligent but i love all the support and appreciate all of you! heres to being better bloggers and a winning season next year!!