31st August, 2014


25th August, 2014

so on the injury front,

Bradford- done for.

Johnson- 4-6 weeks

and all the ankle injuries- probable for thursday. 

24th August, 2014

Anonymous asks:

It's was Jeff fishers fault putting in a rusty jake long !!! He got beat and poor Sam had to take a hit...if he only had a o line that could protect! But I guess it was better it happened now instead of the middle of the season

true… also the RGIII’d sam by putting him in too early. this is suposed to be a year long recovery time after the surgery. so sam shouldn’t of been in yet, in my opinion. 

24th August, 2014

Bradford tore his acl

out playoff chances are ruined

and i hate everything

23rd August, 2014

The Rams won 33-14! now we just have to worry about what we lost via injuries.

23rd August, 2014


23rd August, 2014

theres five players hurt, johnson bradford and saffold are the only ones i can remember. 

23rd August, 2014

Bradford with another left knee injury. remember, he got that one surgically repaid last season so depending on the degree of this injury its possible career ending. 


23rd August, 2014

there warming up davis. best guess bradfords gone. 

23rd August, 2014

my dad just looked at me and was like “who’s that black receiver” I’m like gonna need a little more information there.